Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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On this Wednesday morning, the fear of contagion in Europe might finally be coming true. Economy 4.0's David Brancaccio explains the current state of the manufacturing industry in the United States. Reporter Scott Tong takes a closer look at piracy in Somalia, and Nancy Marshall-Genzer reports on piracy as well -- of the online variety.

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Businesses split in online privacy debate

The House Judiciary Committee holds a hearing this morning on the Stop Online Piracy Act. The legislation would give the government a lot more power to enforce copyrights online for things like movies and medicines.
Posted In: piracy, Stop Online Piracy Act

The future of U.S. manufacturing

A new report says manufacturing will have three million new openings in the next decade. But it isn't the same kind of industry it was decades ago.
Posted In: manufacturing, Jobs

An 'informal economy' in Kenya

A look at Somalia’s underground economy -- illegal trade of charcoal and sugar all showing up in a booming section of Nairobi.
Posted In: East Africa, Kenya

European investors sell off bonds in more than Italy and Greece

Bond markets in Europe are taking a beating, and it is affecting the more stable countries in the eurozone, from Finland to Austria.
Posted In: Europe debt crisis, bonds

Chinese investors: We can't save the world economy

The Chinese economy is continuing to grow, but venture capitalists in that country are investing less and less with the onset of the global economic crisis.
Posted In: China, venture capitalists

High oil prices could hurt consumer spending

Consumer sentiment and spending numbers have been inching higher in the last few weeks. But the ongoing high price of oil could put a cap on that growth.
Posted In: Oil, consumer spending

European bond market on a rollercoaster ride

With ongoing fears of contagion in Europe, the bond market in the eurozone has hit trouble this week.
Posted In: France, Europe debt crisis, bonds

Cancelled NBA season could mean TV ratings dip

With the possibility of an NBA season looking increasingly grim, many television companies could soon feel the hurt, and need to find ways to fill the gap in their programming this winter.
Posted In: NBA, basketball, television

What's causing the steep rise in oil prices

The price of oil is up 20 percent over the last month, with prices today topping $100 a barrel. Why?
Posted In: Oil, natural gas, speculative bubbles

Mid-day Extra: Teaching preschoolers about finance

A new program set to launch in January will have preschoolers learning basic business and finance skills at the Chicago Public Library. The program is inspired by a Sesame Workshop multi-media kit.
Posted In: School, Sesame Street

PODCAST: Oil prices over $100, teaching preschoolers finance

In today's Marketplace Morning Report, we take a look at why oil prices have risen so much in the last month. The threat of European contagion is pressing as bonds are quickly being sold off. And the NBA season, if totally cancelled, could have bad effects on the TV business.
Posted In: mid-day update, podcast

Inflation hits residential rents hard

Inflation isn't causing most Americans a problem at this point, but the prices of rental homes and apartments has risen in recent months.
Posted In: rent, Housing, inflation

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