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Today California starts a new chapter in its efforts to fight climate change. This morning more than 60 million tons of carbon will go up for auction. Yesterday, President Obama met with labor leaders to talk about the fiscal cliff. Today, he'll talk to a dozen CEOs, but only one comes from Wall Street. Also, what does the fiscal cliff mean for your wallet?

Icahn wants web video icon Netflix to sell itself

Investor Carl Icahn, who recently acquired 10 percent of Netflix, is pushing to put the whole company up for sale.
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PODCAST: A streetcar donation jar and six bucks for gas

Signs of big shifts on the way at the Fed and maybe at Netflix. Coming out of the closet in the financial world, more protests in Europe, and whether Kansas City can raise the money for a new streetcar by asking for donations.

Might the Federal Reserve tie policy to employment?

The number two official at the U.S. Federal Reserve, Vice Chair Janet Yellen, has thrown her weight behind a major change in Fed policy. The issue is how the central bank should schedule its stimulus policies.
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Retail sales, prices fall in October

After three straight months of gains, U.S. retail sales fell in October by about a third of a percent. Retail prices also ticked down in October.
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Top finance firms gather to discuss LGBT issues

In London this week, executives from global financial companies held a summit to discuss how to make work culture more LGBT-friendly.
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Across Europe, workers synchronize strikes against austerity

Millions of workers went on strike across Europe today in protest against public spending cuts. Hundreds of flights have been cancelled, car factories and ports have been shut, and rail services disrupted.
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How to prepare for the fiscal cliff

Corporate CEOs, labor leaders and politicians have all weighed in on the fiscal cliff. But what will the budget and tax negotiations mean to you and your wallet?
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Workers push back on austerity across Europe

There are strikes going on this morning in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Belgium. Workers are protesting all across Europe against rising unemployment and austerity.
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Kansas City citizens help fund civic project with donations

Kansas City, Mo., couldn't get government money for a new streetcar system. So, they asked residents and businesses to chip in for donations -- in addition to possible a tax hike.
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California holds first auction of pollution permits

Six years after enacting its own law to fight global warming, California conducts its first auction of carbon permits. Companies that give off large amounts of carbon dioxide will need permits to cover the emissions.
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Banks absent from Obama business gathering

American Express is the only financial services firm to attend the president's CEO meeting on the fiscal cliff.
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