Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Giving giants a green makeover

The LA Auto Show previews to the media today with an emphasis on big, green vehicles. Renita Jablonski tells us how GM is trying to sell a Cadillac Escalade without the guilt, and what Chrysler is using as competition.
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Africa's economy doing a little better

A new World Bank report says Africa is doing a lot better economically than in the past. Alisa Roth explores which countries within the continent aren't doing as well and whether the region is really back on its financial feet.
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HSBC won't cave to subprime

Despite billions in write-offs and problems with U.S. subprime loans, HSBC, Europe's largest bank, is still managing to make money. Stephen Beard explores why the bank's profits are up in the third quarter.
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Medicare makes plans to profit

Premiums for three of the most popular Medicare prescription drug plans will go up substantially next year. John Dimsdale explores the dramatic cost change from the plans' inception three years ago.
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Deep gladness meets deep need

Speaking of Faith host Krista Tippett says the globe should welcome the challenge of sustainability as an invitation -- a way to strengthen moral resources such as delight, dignity, elegance and hope.

Bhutan's falling happiness index

Once-isolated Bhutan glimpsed the rest of the world seven years ago with the arrival of TV and the Internet. Now happiness is an increasingly rare commodity, and young people dance in blue jeans.
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