Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, November 12, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, November 12, 2008

E.U. moves on credit-rating regulations

The European Union is looking at credit-rating rules that could be tougher than those being considered in the U.S. Kyle James reports how the E.U. will be moving forward on agencies like Standard & Poor's and Moody's.
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WTO unlocks high seas finance

To ease the price banks charge for letters of credit, the World Bank doubled the amount of guaranteed shipments. Jennifer Collins explains what a letter of credit is and why this move helps cargo shipments.

Financial crisis ripples through Africa

While Africa is not feeling the effects of the financial crisis the same way as many other countries, it's still bracing itself for ripple effects such as cooled global demand. Gretchen Wilson reports.

Bailout is running out of money

Congress's bailout package is already half gone, and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is going back to Congress for more. But some lawmakers aren't happy with his spending spree. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

Home loan help plans have naysayers

The government is working with financial institutions to renegotiate home loans in order to help homeowners. But hedge funds think the plans are a terrible idea. Alisa Roth looks into why.
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Less demand means cheaper oil

It's hard to believe that over the summer, oil was at a high of around $147 per barrel. Now, it's dropped down to less than half of that. Jeremy Hobson reports OPEC has cut production to curb a price drop.
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Enough already with the bailouts

Everyone from the auto industry to American Express has been taking advantage of the bailout rescue package. But commentator Robert Reich says Chapter 11 bankruptcy would keep companies going at no cost to the taxpayer.

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