Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, November 10, 2010

GM earns $2 billion in revenue

GM earned almost $2 billion in revenue in the past three months. That compares to the more than a billion dollars it lost in the same time period last year. The results should help GM as it takes a shot at becoming a public company again. Alisa Roth explains.
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Initial jobless claims dropped to the lowest level since July

We heard from the labor department this morning that initial jobless claims, that is new people filing for unemployment insurance, dropped to the lowest level since July. Richard DeKaser explains.
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A St. Louis riverboat is for sale on eBay

Interested in buying at 100-year-old riverboat? If so, you have a few more hours to act. The S.S. Admiral, once the icon of the St. Louis riverfront, is up for grabs on eBay.

Google gives all employees a 10 percent raise

Google is giving all of its employees a 10 percent raise. To keep its top talent from searching for jobs elsewhere. Alisa Roth explains.

High speed rails could ask planes and trains to work together

As we wrap up our series on the future of transportation, Alex Goldmark explains the benefit of high speed railroads, and their relationship with the airline industry.
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Cotton prices could affect holiday shopping

Just in time for the holidays, profit numbers are up for department stores. The price of cotton is also up, which could be a problem this holiday season. Jennifer Collins explains.

China and the U.S. are vying for approval at the G20

World leaders from the 20 richest countries will meet tomorrow in South Korea for the G20 summit. Rob Schmitz is with us from Shanghai to sort it all out.

KB Home scandal sheds light on sentencing standards

Sentencing is scheduled in federal court for the former CEO of KB Home. Bruce Karatz was convicted of fraud in a stock backdating scandal. The judge has to decide whether Karatz will go to prison, or just get house arrest. Alisa Roth explains.
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Is banning class action lawsuits unconstitutional?

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case between AT&T Mobility and Concepcion, regarding the fine print in AT&T's contracts barring consumers to join a class action lawsuit against the company. David Lazarus explains.

More engine problems for Rolls Royce

Singapore Airlines announced its plan to replace the Rolls Royce engines on three of its A380s super jumbo jets. This is on the recommendation of Rolls Royce. Stephen Beard has more.
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