Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, May 8, 2013

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Today the electric car company Tesla Motors is set to announce that it has turned a profit for the first time. That's in part because of the success of its Model S luxury sedan -- but Tesla has also made a pile of cash selling California Zero Emission Vehicle credits to other car companies. Will Google Glass end up being the mark of cool or doofus? And Brazil's Roberto Azevedo is set to become the first Latin American to run the World Trade Organization.

PODCAST: Shopping for surgery, going German for work

Out of work Europeans move to Germany. Hospital charges vary widely for the same procedure. And should the government limit the amount of tax-free retirement savings?

After another strong day globally, stocks turn down in the U.S.

Share prices in Germany hit a new record high today. Asian markets were strong. But U.S. markets were down slightly this morning.
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Should the government limit tax-free retirement savings?

Allan Sloan, senior editor at large at Fortune magazine, explains why he thinks Obama's proposal to limit tax-free retirement savings is a bad idea.
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Let's going shopping for surgery: New government data shines light on health care cost variations

You wouldn't dream of buying a new laptop without comparing prices -- why should health care be any different? The government is releasing new data about what hospitals charge in various places for medical procedures, and the prices vary widely.
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Eastern, Southern Europeans flock to Germany seeking work

More than a million foreigners flocked to Germany for work last year, the biggest influx since 1995. Most of the migrants were from Eastern Europe, but many came from recession-hit countries elsewhere in the euro zone.
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Tesla's secret to success? Selling emissions credits

Luxury electric car maker Tesla is expected to report a profit on Wednesday. The profit comes not from the $100,000 cars, but from California Zero Emission Vehicle Credits that amount to thousands of dollars a car when resold to other car makers.
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Media's mobile future makes room for long-form journalism

The media landscape is rapidly changing. Kara Swisher, co-exectuive editor AllThingsD, says any news outlet that wants a future must go mobile in every way.
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What (if anything) News Corp. has to do with the future of news

How will News Corporation’s future earnings look once it's free of its newspaper division? The split is scheduled for next month.
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Military hops on the 'Internet of Things'

The U.S. military has been thinking about the 'Internet of Things' -- networks of devices that talk to one another. But there are some major obstacles.
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Small, not big, online retailers oppose Internet sales tax

It's rare these days that legislation flies through the U.S. Senate and gets bipartisan support in the House of Representatives -- but the Internet sales tax bill could do both.
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WTO appoints new leader, but will it affect your job?

Brazil's Roberto Azevedo has been chosen to become the next leader of the World Trade Organization, he will be the first Latin American to head the international group.
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Backlash against Google Glass rises

People are starting to rise up against the ‘smuggery’ of Silicon Valley -- even Valley insiders are taking shots on the web and on TV at those who created Google Glass.
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