Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, May 27, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Does this mean bankruptcy for GM?

Bill Radke talks to Doug Bernstein, bankruptcy attorney with Plunkett Cooney in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., about GM bondholders rejecting the offer to exchange debt for GM stock.
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Markets react to GM

Steve Chiotakis talks to Bill Stone, Chief Investment Strategist at PNC Wealth Management in Philadelphia, about the market's reaction to GM's news this morning.
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Hotel won't resort to lower prices

The management at the Four Seasons Aviara in San Diego is in a dispute with the resort's owners over improving business. Owners don't want to lower prices at the risk of diluting the brand. Joel Rose reports.
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How the government will help GM

Steve Chiotakis talks to Dan Grech about what happened -- or what didn't happen -- with the deal between GM and bondholders, and what the government will do as a major hands-off stakeholder in the company.
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Mickey D's in pressure cooker over eggs

Activists are egging on McDonald's to buy its eggs from cage-free suppliers. As the largest egg-buyer in the country, the company is lagging behind other fast food chains that have begun purchasing cage-free eggs. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Storage one culprit of higher oil prices

Oil minister Ali Naimi says that global demand for crude is picking up, but analysts say we're not seeing much higher consumption, just higher storage. Stephen Beard reports prices could drop if world oil storage runs out.
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Mini luxuries can mean big payoff

Luxury brands are finding it profitable to think small for products ranging from cigars to perfume bottles. Jennifer Collins reviews some of last year's successful launches and why they sold so well.
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Olympics could be a win for Chicago

If Chicago gets to host the 2016 summer games, President Obama would step in to help. Natalie Moore reports, and Steve Chiotakis talks to professor Stefan Szymanski from the Cass School of Business in London.
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Will search engine Bing success?

"Google" has evolved from a company name to a verb synonymous with search engine success. To enjoy a little of that success, Microsoft is spending $100 million ad dollars on "Bing," its new search name. Bob Moon reports.
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Bondholders to GM: No deal

General Motors formally ended its debt for equity swap plan that was supposed to clear a good chunk of $27 billion in debt, leaving it a step closer to bankruptcy. Steve Chiotakis talks to Michigan Radio's Tracy Samilton.
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