Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday May 21, 2014

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JPMorgan has planned to direct $100 million in investments at Detroit for homes, businesses and job training. What's the bank's goal in doing so and how much will this help? Plus, T-Mobile, already a favorite of Latinos in the U.S., is partnering with Univision to offer a phone service customized for Latino customers. Then, we head back to London where we discuss the massive influence wielded by London's Stock Exchange, a rival to New York as the  number one financial center on the planet, and examine how this came about and whether London can maintain its current disproportionate status as a global financial hub. We also look at the increased use of food banks in London and a dramatic rise in use by members of the middle and upper classes who have lost jobs or can't cope with their bills anymore.    

What China gets from the $400 billion Russian gas deal

China and Russia signed a deal for $400 billion-worth of gas for the next 30 years
Posted In: China, gazprom

PODCAST: A cautious Fed

A visit the 100 year-old Borough Market in London. And a look at London's lost title as the top financial city in the world.
Posted In: London, Fed

T-Mobile and Univision pitch Latinos a phone plan

T-Mobile partners with Univision to offer a phone service tailored for Latinos.

JPMorgan Chase investing in Detroit's community

JPMorgan invests $100 million in homes, businesses and job training in Detroit.
Posted In: Detroit

London is no longer the world's top financial center

Wall Street edges out London as top global finance hub but London is still strong.
Posted In: London, wealth

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