Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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TV and video producers are trying to lock in advertising money for shows that will stream online at the Digital Content New Fronts. This year, some old-media players are in attendance. Today is International Workers Day, and to mark the occasion, protestors in Greece are rallying against austerity. And what is a 529 plan, and is it a good option for college savings?

PODCAST: Out-of-state tuition grab, which way will the Fed wag?

What will the Federal Reserve do next? Out-of-state enrollment grows at state universities. And are smells coming to a theater near you?

Is a 529 college savings account right for you?

Many parents are opting for 529 savings plans -- college savings accounts that aren’t subject to any tax as long as the money’s used for tuition. Are they right for you?
Posted In: college, higher education, 529 plans

Is anti-austerity fever cooling off in Greece?

Protestors in Greece are rallying against austerity. The gathering comes just days after the country's government voted to allow 15,000 public employee layoffs.
Posted In: Greece, Europe debt crisis, austerity

How low can you go? Fed expected to keep interest rates low, but not lower

The Federal Reserve isn't expected to lower rates any more than it already has.
Posted In: Federal Reserve

Going for dollars, public universities are taking more out-of-state students

It's decision day for students, and many of them will be going out of state. Who loses in this equation?
Posted In: applying to college, college admissions, public universities

Measuring the unintended consequences of drones

What are the unintended consequences of pilotless drone aircraft used to kill suspected terrorists overseas?
Posted In: drones, Barack Obama

Old media battles online companies for digital ad spending

There are some unexpected newcomers to the digital video world as advertising grows. Magazine publisher Condé Nast is one of the new big names rolling out a suite of original video content.
Posted In: upfronts, television, streaming

Smells -- coming soon to a theater near you?

Maybe you saw the ‘Google Nose’ April Fool's prank, where users clicked on 'wet dog' and sniffed their laptops to find out what it smells like. Well new smell technology is not a joke -- or not only a joke.
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