Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, March 6, 2013

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The Dow sits at a record high this morning and looks like it could go higher today. What does it mean for ordinary investors? Global oil markets are steady this morning after the death of the Hugo Chavez in Venezuela which has the world's second largest oil reserves. And, Harley-Davidson factories just got a little less cool. The company is no longer allowing music to be played on the assembly lines because of safety concerns.

PODCAST: Dow highs, Chavez's legacy

The Dow posted another record high this morning. What is Hugo Chavez's economic legacy? And BNSF Railway is announcing that it’s trying a new experiment -- running some of its locomotives on natural gas this year, instead of diesel.

BNSF Railway to test natural gas locomotives

BNSF Railway is announcing this morning that it’s trying a new experiment. The railway is going to try running some of its locomotives on natural gas this year, instead of diesel.
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Despite D.C. roadblocks, markets keep chugging

The Dow posted another record high this morning. The surge came on the heels of a new report from the payroll processing company ADP, which showed that private employers added 198,000 jobs in February.
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EU slaps Microsoft with $732 million penalty

The EU says Microsoft abused its market dominance by making Internet Explorer the default browser on its Windows operating system.
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Goodbye Sony MiniDisc, we loved you when

Remember the MiniDisc? Sony has announced it is killing off the music format this month.
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Chavez death ripples throughout Latin America

How will Chavez's passing affect the economies of other countries in Latin America?
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Resume guide: 3 tips to make your CV standout

If you are hitting the job market, the one thing you'll need is a good resume. But how do you get yours to the top of the heap?
Posted In: resume, Jobs, employment

Roberta Williams: The mother of computer video games

Complaints are rife that the video game industry treats female employees and female players as outsiders or worse. But it wasn't always that way.
Posted In: video game, women, Tech

Twitter and public opinion: Can't see the forest for the tweets

According to new research from the Pew Research Center, Twitter is a bad way to predict public opinion.
Posted In: Twitter, social media, pew, public opinion

After Chavez death, Venezuela faces tough economic choices

What's ahead for Venezuela after the death of Hugo Chavez?
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Chavez is gone but what of his legacy?

Controversial Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez died yesterday leaving a nation divided over the wisdom of his policies. Both critics and supporters agree that he has changed the role of the poor in Venezuela.
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Harley-Davidson pulls the plug on factory floor music

Harley-Davidson factories no longer allow music on the assembly line, due to safety concerns.
Posted In: factory, workplace safety

Dow record makes those not in the market itchy to act

People who got out of the markets during the financial crisis need to act cautiously if they want to get back in now.
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