Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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Microsoft has been warning for a long time that it’s going to stop supporting Windows XP. We explore what ATMs - the majority of which still use the system - will do without Microsoft's support. Plus, as the Fed meets this week, Janet Yellen, a strong proponent of Fed transparency, will be watched to see how she talks about the Fed’s thinking as well as its actions. And how will countries like Turkey with emerging economies fare? After all, at the Fed's last meeting, countries like Turkey held emergency meetings and raised key interest rates to retain and attract money as the US central bank continue to cut back on its cash injections. Plus, Baton Rouge residents are trying to form a new town, but, it’s not that easy.  

PODCAST: The dual mandate

The Fed grapples with balancing interest rates and a shrinking unemployment rate.
Posted In: Janet Yellen

95 percent of U.S. ATMs run on Windows XP

What will ATMs do when Microsoft stops supporting the OS?
Posted In: Microsoft, ATM, XP, windows, computers, operating systems

Why the Federal Reserve is vague about interest rates

Fed Chair Janet Yellen loves transparency, to a point.
Posted In: Janet Yellen, Federal Reserve, Fed

Middle class families fight over East Baton Rouge schools

Some residents want to leave a struggling public school system by incorporating a new town, St. George.
Posted In: Baton Rouge, public schools

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