Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chinese businesses consider London

A delegation of 35 Chinese businesses is meeting in London this week to talk about setting up shop. With the city offering free office space for a year and easy access to advisers, now is a good time. Christopher Werth reports.

Pop music is an art worth studying

Many popular musicians will tell you they didn't learn how to write that perfect pop song in school. But if you still want an official degree on the subject, the University of Southern California has a new pop music major. Eve Troeh reports.
Posted In: Education, Entertainment

Starbucks risks running in poor taste

Starbucks has been shedding jobs and offering value meals in order to combat the recession, but some brand experts say this could be hurting their image. Amanda Aronczyk explores why the company may be in danger of devaluation.
Posted In: Food

China turns down Coke deal

Regulators in China have denied Coca-Cola's plan to buy a Chinese drink company for a couple billion dollars, saying the deal would have hurt competition. Scott Tong reports the deal was unpopular in Chinese polls.

AIG CEO answers to House

This morning, the CEO of insurance giant AIG will answer to a House Financial Services subcommittee about the bonuses paid to company executives. Tamara Keith breaks down why the firm has made so many angry.
Posted In: Investing

Sun Microsystems, IBM talking merger

Sun Microsystems and IBM are reportedly in talks over a potential $6.5 billion merger deal. Janet Babin explores what the two tech companies have in common and how the deal could help Sun Microsystems gain an edge over competition.
Posted In: Mergers and Acquisitions, Science

Some banks may be too small to survive

Small community banks that avoided making risky, complicated loans are still feeling the impact of the crisis caused by larger financial institutions. Bob Moon reports which expenses are hurting small banks the most.
Posted In: Investing

Wall Street rescue plan needs rescuing

The bailout of AIG has claimed $170 billion of taxpayer money, some of which is going to executive bonuses. But commentator Robert Reich says it wouldn't be nearly as awful if the Wall Street bailout was actually working.

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