Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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The Urban Institute releases a study for the Justice Department on the monetary size of the underground commercial sex, drug, and weapons economies in U.S. cities. The recruitment and business tactics of pimps and traffickers include traveling in circuits to increase profits and evade law enforcement detection. Plus, indications of a developing El Nino have now come from not just the U.S., but also Japan and Australia. The warnings are being taken seriously by farmers and by investors; the last big El Nino caused a lot of crop damage, and agricultural markets are already tight. And at the SXSW conference, wearable technology is getting a lot of buzz.

PODCAST: Overtime, overworked?

The White House wants to make more Americans eligible for overtime pay.
Posted In: overtime

Obama seeks expanded overtime pay

The president seeks to change overtime pay rules via executive powers.
Posted In: pay, management, workers, employment, Jobs, Barack Obama

How El Niño will impact global food prices

It probably won't have a huge impact on your grocery bills.
Posted In: el nino, la nina, weather, storm, grocery, Food, Agriculture

Pimps use technology, too

A new study reveals how the underground sex business is changing.
Posted In: pimps, sex economy, sex, illegal trading

The Web's 25th birthday suit is embeddable

A look at the next trend in managing connections
Posted In: wearable, technology, Tech, sxsw interactive, clothing

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