Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, June 8, 2011

OPEC split on raising oil output

Professor Kent Moors, and author of "The Vega Factor: Oil Volatility and the Next Global Crisis" discusses why OPEC decided to keep oil production levels steady when most analysts were expecting an increase.
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Would a short-lived default be that bad?

Richard DeKaser, economist with the Parthenon Group, explains how a default on U.S. debt would impact the economy.

Some Republicans OK with short-lived debt default

As we close in on the August 2 deadline to raise the federal debt ceiling, some Republicans say that failing to raise the $14.3 trillion borrowing limit wouldn't be so catastrophic.

Obama to expand manufacturing job training

President Obama is expected to announce a partnership with key business leaders to help provide 500,000 community college students with the training needed for cutting edge manufacturing jobs.
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Report: One-third of employers will drop health coverage in 2014

A report by McKinsey & Co. finds that 30 percent of employers say they will stop offering health insurance in 2014, when much of the Obama administration's heath care overhaul takes effect.
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Germany to U.S.: Mind your business

During his meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Obama said he would like the Germans to take the lead in handling Europe's debt crisis, but that message may not sit well with Germans.

E3: Videogames are the new blockbusters

In 2010, video game sales for console systems, smartphones and social networks outpaced sales in the movie business. Steve Henn reports from the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.
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World wide warm-up for new Internet backbone

A major test of a new Internet system called Internet Protocol Version 6, or IPv6, is underway
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Emerging countries expected to do more economic heavy lifting

The World Bank expects that for the short-term future, developing countries will help the global economy grow while richer countries continue to recover.

Considering the actual benefits of college

There have been many debates recently about whether college is worth its cost in this economy. A study reveals confidence in higher education is low, but people may just be responding to these tough times right now.
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Senate weighs delaying cap on debit swipe fees

In the D.C. battle between banks and retailers over swipe fees, both sides of the issue say they're on the side of consumers, but in reality, it's all about revenue.
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