Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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The British government says bankers who recklessly mismanage their banks should go to jail. Who will take over the Federal Reserve when Ben Bernanke leaves? GDP, unemployment rate, the Dow -- some economists think these numbers don't tell us enough about how real people are actually doing. We take a look at a new measure of America: human development.

PODCAST: All Fed, all the time

Wall Street's top cop rethinks sweetheart settlements. What makes a bubble and are we in one? And all eyes turn to the Federal Reserve.

What is a bubble and are we in one?

As soon as the value of something rises, skeptics roll out the B-word: bubble.
Posted In: stock market, housing market

Reckless bankers could face jail time in the UK

The British government says bankers who recklessly mismanage their banks could face jail time, according to a new proposal released Wednesday.
Posted In: United Kingdom, banking, david cameron

1900s rural farmers: The original hackers?

As far back as the early 1900s, rural farmers and ranchers -- or you could call them hackers -- set up their own phone lines themselves.
Posted In: hackers, hacking, telecom

Rumors swirl ahead of Facebook announcement

Facebook is gearing up to hold a big press event tomorrow. So far the topic is under wraps, but the company says "a small team has been working on a big idea."
Posted In: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg

SEC rethinks sweetheart settlements

Many times when companies settle with the Securities and Exchange Commission, they don't have to admit they did anything wrong. That practice may be changing.
Posted In: Securities and Exchange Commission, Mary Jo White, settlement

The new measure of America

'Measure of America' is an index that wraps GDP, general well-being and access to opportunity into one number.
Posted In: GDP, happiness

All eyes on the Federal Reserve

The Fed will likely announce some changes today. A look at the winners and losers.
Posted In: Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, quantitative easing

Who will take reins of the Fed after Bernanke?

Vice-chair Janet Yellen is the front runner, but there are plenty of very good choices.
Posted In: Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen

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