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In Turkey, Prime Minister Erdogan has lashed out against the business community for supporting protesters. People in their 20s are often stuck in part-time and temporary jobs. How does the loss of income in their first working years affect the rest of their life?. And the NSA surveillance story has been good to one author: George Orwell.

PODCAST: Paywalls, not all they're cracked up to be?

Grading newspaper paywalls. What's a company to do when the government requests its data? And tips to protect yourself from life insurance fraud.

BMW, Dollar General sued for job discrimination

The government is suing BMW and discount retailer Dollar General, saying their use of criminal background checks unfairly discriminates against African Americans.
Posted In: discrimination, employment, background check, BMW

Interest rates up, will home prices follow?

In a few weeks, the accounting quarter ends and then the emails and envelopes start arriving with results. For those with bonds, it might not be pretty.
Posted In: bonds, interest rates

Another market manipulation scandal? Traders said to rig currency exchange rates

First there was the rigging of the interest rate known as LIBOR. Now there may be collusion on currency exchange rates.
Posted In: currency, LIBOR, United Kingdom

How to protect your life insurance policy from mistakes and fraud

How do you protect you and your family from fraud or insurer mistakes?
Posted In: life insurance

Businesses and investors take heat in Turkey's protests

In the past few days, Turkey's Prime Minister has lashed out against members of the business community -- among others -- for supporting the protests. How are they responding?
Posted In: turkey

ACLU files suit over NSA data collection, and is it possible to keep your personal data personal?

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government over its collection of phone data. And what can you do personally to protect your data?
Posted In: nsa, aclu, encryption, surveillance

Washington Post puts up paywall

The Washington Post is erecting a paywall. It’s one in a long list of newspapers that are trying this business model. So, how's it working out for them?
Posted In: media, news media, newspapers, washington post, paywalls

Google gets its Waze, boosts map data

Google has confirmed it will acquire the social mapping startup Waze. The news comes after intense reported interest from Apple and Facebook.
Posted In: Google, app, maps, social media

For millennials, a patchwork quilt of part-time jobs will have to do

People in their 20s are often stuck in part-time and temporary jobs. The loss of income in their first working years could affect them much of their lives.
Posted In: Jobs, graduate debt, millennials, Unemployment

When the NSA asks a company for data, what happens next?

The public companies named in the NSA's surveillance program have shareholders, consumers and pressure to comply with government requests for information. So what pros and cons are they weighing?
Posted In: surveillance, nsa, Edward Snowden, PRISM

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