Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, July 7, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, July 7, 2010

U.K. investigates data on man-made global warming

U.K. authorities are criticizing scientists for their defensive approach towards data in an investigation on man-made global warming.
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DOJ monitoring BP's big moves

The Justice Department has asked BP for advance warning of any plan it makes that would impact the company's future.
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Former manufacturing hub explores health care industry

As Grand Rapids, Mich. continues to shed manufacturing jobs, the city is opening up to opportunities in health care.
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Glenn Beck can call it a 'university' for now

It may be far from the traditional use of the term, but right now there's nothing stopping Glenn Beck from calling his new online soapbox a "university".
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Obama's council of CEOs would work to double exports

President Obama is appointing 18 CEOs to serve on a council which will focus on doubling exports.

U.K. turns down analog for digital radio

Britain's full-throttle shift to digital radio will silence the AM and FM airwaves. But the transition will be tricky.

China's AgBank begets doubts despite strong IPO

China's Agricultural Bank is the third-largest initial public offering in history, but investors have doubts about the future of the business.
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To curb child obesity, regulate junk food like tobacco

Kids are exposed to more junk food ads on TV than they were five years ago, exacerbating the issue of child obesity. L.A. Times columnist David Lazarus offers a solution.
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Study: Kids lose health insurance when parents lose job

A new study says that for every 1,000 jobs lost, more than 300 privately-insured children lose their health coverage.
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NASA contractor to lay off about 1,400 space shuttle workers

NASA's top space contractor will be shedding around 1,400 space shuttle workers -- about 15 percent of its workforce.
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