Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday July 30, 2014

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With Argentina on the brink of default, we take a look at how a difficult situation could get even trickier if a deal with U.S. hedge funds isn't struck soon. Plus, big urban hospitals are seeing a sharp drop in uninsured patients, which means millions in savings. But the new health care landscape has its own challenges, too. 

NLRB says McDonald's can be considered joint-employer

The ruling is a step forward for workers campaigning for $15 an hour in wages.
Posted In: McDonald's, Walmart, low wages

PODCAST: Video game lobby

The latest GDP report, McDonald's wages, and video game lobbyists.

Video game lobby answers 'call of duty' on the Hill

Lobbyists are using money, charm, and an army of gamers to influence legislation.
Posted In: video games, lobbying, Congress

Drop in uninsured is a mixed blessing for hospitals

Hospitals could save billions on charity care. But federal cuts are coming.
Posted In: medicaid, Obamacare, health insurance

What the time of day says about your earnings report

We look at the reasons some companies report earnings when they do.
Posted In: earnings report, CEOs, investors

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