Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, July 24, 2013

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As President Obama embarks on his middle class road show, we ask what does the average American make? China's factories continue to struggle while the eurozone starts to see some positive economic signs. A check in on savings. And a button to make all that #royalbaby news go away.

PODCAST: Boeing's biz, online course wiz

Boeing's other businesses, besides commercial airliners. And online courses fail the mid-term at San Jose State, but what about the final?

Growing savings from the ground up, locally

We're not too good at saving these days. Americans have a savings rate of about 3 percent. How can local governments work to grow that number?
Posted In: personal savings rate, retirement savings

India stuck between a Walmart and a hard place

India has a strict rules for big international retailers: 30 percent of the merchandise sold at big box stores has to be purchased in India.
Posted In: India, Walmart

FDA goes after makers of alternative diabetes treatments

The Food and Drug Administration says products marketed as natural or homeopathic treatments for diabetes can be dangerous.
Posted In: diabetes, FDA, health care

Startup lets fans tell bands where to play

For musicians these days hitting the road is where the real money is at, as long as people actually show up to see you play. That's where tech startup Rabbl hopes to come in.
Posted In: Music, music industry, concerts, crowdsourcing

When it comes to Tumblr, sex doesn't sell

Yahoo wants blogging site Tumblr to make money, and to do that, Tumblr needs to weed out pornography.
Posted In: tumblr, Yahoo, porn, Internet, censorship

Apple keeps its shine

Investors are happy with Apple's latest business performance, but the big question is what happens when the company runs out of buyers for its high-end phones and tablets?
Posted In: apple, iPhone, iPad

10 things Apple could buy with its cash stockpile

Apple has got a lot of cash -- $146 billion. That's enough to buy 10 Mark Zuckerbergs or treat cancer in the U.S. for over a year.
Posted In: apple, Detroit, Dell

As China stumbles, Europe starts to get back up

China’s factories are continuing to struggle, but Europe's economic activity is showing signs of life -- at least for the last month.
Posted In: China, Eurozone, manufacturing

Online courses fail the mid-term at San Jose State, but what about the final?

A bold experiment at the San Jose State University could change the thinking about massive open online courses.
Posted In: Education, higher education, moocs

Boeing's other businesses: Drones and overseas fighter jets

The Dreamliner gets all the attention, but Boeing has other lines of business.
Posted In: Boeing, lockheed martin, Northrop Grumman

Congress takes up NSA's data mining allowance

The House of Representatives votes on an amendment to take away money from the NSA today. It's part of the $500 billion defense spending bill and it's got the tech industry up in arms.
Posted In: nsa, data mining, big data, Congress

How much does the average American worker make?

Who earns median wage and what kind of education, housing, healthcare and retirement savings can they afford?
Posted In: middle class, Obama, Economy, Illinois

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