Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, July 20, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Economist: 'Gang of Six' has best debt-ceiling plan

Richard DeKaser, an economist with the Parthenon Group in Boston, explains why he thinks the bipartisan group's 'grand bargain' has the greatest chance at passing.

Copyright violator Xunlei going public in U.S.

The Chinese video-streaming website Xunlei provides access to billions of stolen songs, movies and TV shows. Despite violating U.S. law, the company is planning to IPO on the American market.
Posted In: Investing

U.N. declares famine in Somalia

The United Nations World Food Programme is calling for $300,000,000 over the next few weeks to help feed starving Somalis. David Orr, spokesman for the United Nations World Food Programme, discusses why it's difficult to get aid into the country.

'Gang of Six' Senators propose debt compromise

A new package in the works would not only raise the debt ceiling, but would also take a bite out of the nation's public debt. But could it pass in time for the August 2nd default deadline?

'Flashmobs' in Spain to protest foreclosures

Spain's economic crisis has pushed a record number of families to default on their mortgages. Now young protestors are organizing flash mobs to protest bank seizure of homes.
Posted In: Housing

Russia hopes to fill the gap in space travel

As NASA ends space shuttle flights, Russia seeks to fill the gap left by the 30-year-old American program. But Russia has a long way to go.
Posted In: Science

Lobbyists are slowing Dodd-Frank rulemaking

Soon to be one year since it was passed, the financial reform law is getting a lot of attention from industry lobbyists trying to sway its rules in their favor.

How the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will help

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is set to launch this week. What will be its purpose?
Posted In: Banks

Would the FDA have approved the first personal computer?

Congressional committee hears comments today on FDA approvals for medical devices.
Posted In: Health

American Airlines makes largest airplane order in history

In an effort to reduce high fuel costs, American Airlines has ordered 460 new planes from Boeing and Airbus. The deal will phase out the carrier's current gas-guzzling fleet.
Posted In: Airlines

Foreclosure rates in Calif. are lowest since '07

Kenneth Rosen, a housing economist from the University of California Berkeley, explains why the housing market is in a period of sustained but choppy growth.
Posted In: Housing

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