Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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A grim innovation from Greece: the slow-motion layoff. Nearly twelve years since September 11, the developer of the World Trade Center is still going after airlines, airports and even the airplanes that brought down the Twin Towers. And why women stay in jobs longer than they should.

PODCAST: A better Volcker Rule?

Piecing together the Volcker rule 4 years later. And the World Trade Center developer looks to airlines for 9/11 payments.

Federal Reserve stimulus: Preview and post-view

Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke made his semi-annual testimony on Capitol Hill today. He told lawmakers that Fed tapering of economic stimulus is not "pre-ordained."
Posted In: Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, quantitative easing

Google TV versus the cable guy

Tech giants from Intel to Apple and Microsoft and Sony are pursuing a strategy to create an Internet cable service and now there’s news that Google is entering the fray.
Posted In: television, Google, media, Broadcast, cable TV

U.S. regulators fine Barclays for energy price manipulation

The case has added to the perception in Britain that U.S. regulators only pick on non-American banks.

Piecing together the Volcker rule 4 years later

It's been four years since Congress passed the Volcker Rule, a sweeping law aimed at fixing the financial system following its great collapse. But regulators still haven’t figured out how to implement it.
Posted In: regulation, bank regulations, Volcker Rule, banking

WTC developer continues fight for 9/11 payments

The developer of the World Trade Center hopes to recover billions of dollars from United, American, Boeing and other aviation companies to pay for WTC's destruction in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
Posted In: 9/11, september 11, terror attacks, world trade center

Women stay in jobs longer than they should

Women can feel more loyalty to companies, and more guilt when they leave. But staying with one job for too long could cost you a lot of money.
Posted In: women, gender gap, gender, career, salary

ESPN tries to kill the trolls: Facebook comments only

After more than five years of anonymous comments, now requires your Facebook account if you have something to say.
Posted In: Sports, Facebook, comments, Web Culture, espn

A parking lot for the homeless in Phoenix

The city of Phoenix is increasingly enforcing a law that bans sleeping on the streets. A shelter has made room for displaced homeless people in a parking lot.
Posted In: homeless, arizona

A grim innovation from Greece: The slow-motion layoff

The Greek parliament votes today on whether to send as many as 25,000 government workers into a so-called 'labor reserve.'
Posted In: Greece, Europe debt crisis, bailout, austerity

Can the Jonas Brothers quell Huawei spying concerns?

Chinese tech company Huawei is teaming up with pop group Jonas Brothers to boost its image in America. Huawei wants to be known in the U.S. for its new smartphones, but so far, it's mostly famous in Congress.
Posted In: huawei, China, smartphones

A new plan to fight piracy online: Take away those ad dollars

Content providers -- like Disney or Fox -- are now asking companies delivering online ads -- the Googles of the world -- to stop working with websites that allow illegal file sharing.
Posted In: Google, piracy, copyright, online advertising

Sizing up Batman's 2013 expenses

Mashable has an infographic tallying up the likely costs of utility belts, Batmobiles and tasteful cave furniture for Batman through the years -- adjusted for inflation of course.
Posted In: Batman, New York City, real estate

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