Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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The World Bank says 2014 is going to be a good year for many global economies. As more patients visit doctors for their first check-ups under the Affordable Care Act, you might think the those in the medical lab business would benefit -- but the truth is more complicated.

PODCAST: The Fed -- cash cow or sitting duck?

The long-term unemployed, the NCAA debates paying its student athletes, and the Fed's bond portfolio.

Why does the NSA spy?

The National Security Agency says it never shares intelligence with US businesses. Or does it?
Posted In: nsa, spying, surveillance

The incredible business card of Chen Guangbiao

And we mean incredible in the most literal way.
Posted In: business card, resume, credentials, much wow

Why is it so hard to cut Pentagon spending?

The trillion dollar budget agreement Congress is voting on initially included curbs on pension increases for military retirees. But they've been scaled back.
Posted In: military pensions

The Fed: Cash cow or sitting duck?

When the Fed sends less money to the Capitol, it also loses some political capital.
Posted In: Fed, bonds

Bringing the long-term unemployed back to the office

President Obama has called on employers to stop passing over long-term jobless applicants.
Posted In: Unemployment, long-term unemployment, unemployment benefits

The World Bank has a sunny forecast for the year

As rich economies expand, stronger growth globally is expected.
Posted In: World Bank, global economy, tapering

This is not your grandfather's tin foil hat...

An accessory that actually works to ward off neuroimaging surveillance.
Posted In: tin foil hat, aliens, brain scans, surveillance, Futurama, Signs

Why the medical testing biz is like Gucci handbags

You'd think with millions of new patients coming in that lab owners would be drooling over their microscopes.
Posted In: medical tests, ACA, Obamacare

Mobile messaging is more popular than ever. But not TEXT messaging.

Messaging is driving a huge spike in mobile use. But text messaging has actually decreased. So what gives?
Posted In: mobile, cell phones, text messaging, apps

NCAA to debate paying college athletes a stipend

As the NCAA gathers for its annual meeting, is it considering a first step toward paying players?
Posted In: NCAA, Alabama, Duke, student athletes

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