Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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What's causing global stock markets to approach new records? Starting this summer, for the first time since 1856, you won't be able to trade wheat in Kansas City. In 2011, borrowers defaulted on almost a billion dollars in Perkins loans, federal loans for the lowest-income students, and now some schools are going to court to get their money. And finally, Hasbro will announce which one its famous Monopoly tokens it plans to retire.

Boeing remains upbeat about Dreamliner's future

Boeing remains upbeat about the Dreamliner's future and is confident that despite the safety scares, airlines won't be cancelling future orders for the aircraft.
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PODCAST: The man who created BRIC's, so long Saturday mail?

Boeing remains upbeat about the Dreamliner's future. What's got stock markets around the world booming? Samsung stakes a claim in Silicon Valley.

Global stock markets boom, but where's the growth?

Japan isn't the only place where the stock market is booming right now. Markets in the U.S. and even Europe are up as well.
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Postal Service to cut Saturday mail delivery

The United States Postal Service plans to announce it is suspending regular Saturday letter delivery in an effort to save money.
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How to safe guard yourself against a bond bubble

As investors pour money into stocks, there are fears that the bond market could suffer. How should you adjust your portfolio?
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Computers silence a Kansas City trading floor

The CME Group will move wheat trading from Kansas City to Chicago in June.
Posted In: wheat, commodities on the Internet of things of the Black Eyed Peas is happy to admit he's a tech geek. The musician, producer, philanthropist now has the title Director of Creative Innovation at the chipmaker Intel.
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Samsung stakes a claim in Silicon Valley

The giant Korean manufacturing company will create a huge research center and venture capital fund in Silicon Valley.
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Universities crack down on delinquent student borrowers

Yale and other universities are suing graduates who did not pay back Perkins low-income student loans because the funds for new loans come from former students paying back their debts.
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