Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, February 20, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The rebate check is coming...

With the stimulus rebate checks on their way, many are considering how they will use the money. But almost half the people polled said they wouldn't be spending it. Alisa Roth hit the streets of New York for answers.

Payment delay shakes market overseas

A subsidiary of major private equity group Kohlberg Kravis Roberts has delayed repaying billions of dollars in debt, leading to a turbulent ride in the stock market overseas. Stephen Beard reports.
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China speaks out on Darfur

Pledging $100 million to Darfur peace efforts, President Bush noted human suffering should preempt commercial interests. Gretchen Wilson reports what China is saying and that the country is calling on the West to do more.

Discount stores have toy trouble

Last year's toy safety recalls didn't take into account dollar-store importers, and the discount retailers are now at risk of carrying contaminated toys. Michael May reports consumers should be wary.
Posted In: Health, Retail

Income still weighs in on kids' future

A report out says the nation's wealthiest children still have a 23 percent chance of staying on top, even if they don't go to college. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports reasons include built-in advantages and learned behavior.
Posted In: Education

China cracks down on youth gaming

National law in China says kids under 18 aren't supposed to be in Internet cafes and that online games breed juvenile crime. Bill Marcus reports the government crackdown could hurt the cafes' business.
Posted In: Crime

A glimmer in Hong Kong's eye

A 101-carat diamond could fetch millions of dollars in a spring auction in Hong Kong. Sally Herships reports Asia's love of luxury and increased wealth has raised the demand for gemstones.
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Too much consumption? Let me decide

Some critics of consumer society say we'd be happier if we pared down our consumption. But commentator Will Wilkinson says everyone has different frames of reference for what they define as want versus what they feel they need.

Airbus' orders not as big this year

Airbus warned that it's likely to sell only half as many planes this year as it did in 2007. Scott Jagow talks to European correspondent Stephen Beard about how the value of the euro is affecting Airbus' bottom line.
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