Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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President Obama called for stronger gun control laws last night in his State of the Union address -- and one of the big ideas being talked about is closing what's called the "gun show loophole." But is it really about gun shows and is it really a loophole? Leaders in Europe react to Obama's call for new EU-US trade talks. This week, Netflix announced its teaming up with Dreamworks to create its first original cartoon series for kids.

PODCAST: Pizza as just dessert, Valentine's Day insurance

Obama's plans for education from pre-school to college. Will an increase in minimum wage help or hurt workers? And in a twist, some former employees who'd been duped out of overtime pay are becoming part-owners of a Harvard Square pizzeria they used to work for.

The State of the Union for education

What are President Obama's plans for universal pre-school access, high-school funding, and higher education?
Posted In: Education, higher education, Obama, State of the Union

President Obama proposes new trade agreement with Europe

In last night's State of the Union address, President Obama proposed new trade talks with the EU. How are leaders in Europe reacting?
Posted In: State of the Union, Europe, import export

Would Obama's $9 minimum wage help or hurt workers?

During his State of the Union address last night, President Obama proposed to raise the federal minimum wage to $9 an hour.
Posted In: minimum wage, State of the Union, Obama, poverty

How did you hear the Pope is quitting: Horseback messenger or Taxi TV?

How does today's news compare to the information technology that was around when the last Pope resigned in 1415?
Posted In: Pope Benedict, Catholic church, Tech, history, news

Apple to respond to lawsuit over dividends

Apple is to respond to a lawsuit claiming it should distribute more cash to shareholders. CEO Tim Cook calls the suit a “silly sideshow.”
Posted In: apple, stocks, Tech, shareholders

Boston pizzeria gets new ownership - its former employees

In a twist, former employees who'd been duped out of overtime pay become part-owners of a Harvard Square pizzeria.
Posted In: pizza, labor, overtime, Small Business

Netflix wades into kids' shows

Netflix hopes new animated series will tap into the lucrative market for children's shows...and merchandizing.
Posted In: netflix, kids, cartoon, tv

The gun-show loophole: Not about gun shows, and not a loophole

Most vendors at gun shows are federally licensed dealers, who are required to do background checks on buyers. It's gun collectors and private sellers that aren't federally licensed.
Posted In: guns, Obama, State of the Union

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