Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Somali pirates are having a record year

Last night's attack by Somali pirates on a merchant ship in the Indian Ocean is the latest of 214 vessels to be attacked this year. And government crackdowns are barely covering the scope of the problem. Stephen Beard reports.
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New Urbanism a good sign for housing

Ever since the housing market collapsed, all eyes have been on that sector for signs of recovery. One good sign: "New Urbanist" developments. Adam Allington explores what sets these living situations apart.
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Mummers will pay to keep on marching

Philadelphia said it couldn't afford its New Year's Day Mummers Parade this year. So to keep the century-old tradition alive, the Mummers pulled together to pay the city $150,000 to march. Gregory Warner reports.

Premiums to put FDIC back in black

The FDIC is collecting three-years' worth of premiums it charges to banks so that it can restore its depleted insurance fund. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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How to collaborate and not go crazy

If you've been in the work force for any amount of time, you have been asked to collaborate. But what if you just want to do things your way? Bill Radke talks with choreographer Twyla Tharp, who wrote a book on collaboration.
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Iraq drives hard bargain on Lukoil

Russian oil giant Lukoil has signed a deal to develop one of Iraq's biggest oil fields. U.S. oil companies could have bid for the contract earlier this month, but few were present at the auction. Nancy Marshall Genzer explains why.
Posted In: Oil, Russia

GMAC to get $3.5 billion more from feds

The federal government is expected to give about $3.5 billion of TARP money to GMAC so the lender can continue to meet the requirements of earlier stress tests. Bill Radke gets more from Marketplace's Alisa Roth.
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