Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, December 3, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, December 3, 2008

EDF bids for U.S. nuclear company

French power company EDF said today it's bidding on a stake in Constellation Energy. The $4 billion offer for the U.S. nuclear business is designed to thwart a rival bid from Warren Buffett. Stephen Beard reports.

Hedge funds, decoded

Hedge funds seem to make headlines when things go bad on a trading day. But what are these funds and how do they really affect the stock market? Mitchell Hartman explains the term in our latest Marketplace Decoder.
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Troubled waters for the cruise industry

Cruise lines have been offering big discounts to vacationers to try to keep their industry from drowning. Some companies have even suspended dividend payments to conserve cash. Dan Grech reports.
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Where has the bailout been so far?

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson may soon ask for the next big chunk of the $700 billion bailout. But where was the first $250 billion spent? Ashley Milne-Tyte breaks down the fund allocation with Steve Chiotakis.

UAW considers what it can promise

The United Auto Workers is meeting to go over what they might promise in exchange for bailout cash. They may consider temporarily waiving health care and cutting benefits for laid-off workers. John Dimsdale reports.
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A downturn won't stop charities

Philanthropic companies might seem a little needier this year as investments fall with the economy. But when times are bad, people who can will sometimes dig a little bit deeper. Joel Rose reports.
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Other economic factors to live by

The recession seems overwhelming when watching Wall Street players react to dropping stocks around the world. But commentator Will Wilkinson says the real engine of the American economy is chugging along elsewhere.

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