Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, December 19, 2012

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The online photo sharing site Instagram made a lot of its users angry this week with a change to its terms and conditions. The site announced that it might use some people's photos in advertisments, and that started an uproar. In Newtown, Connecticut, local businesses are taking on new importance in the wake of the tragic school shooting last week. And, the Census Bureau is trying something new that could let you void a knock on your door from one of its workers.

PODCAST: Goodbye 'Government Motors', hello 'eagle baby'

GM wants you to never, ever call it 'Government Motors' again. Ralph Reed, of the Christian Coalition and more lately the Faith and Freedom Coalition, stops by to talk about what social conservatives want out of budget negotiations. And the most precise, nastiest-tasting Gingerbread house you've ever had the pleasure to not eat.

Ralph Reed on the budget deficit and fiscal cliff

Some treasured tax breaks are coming in for close scrutiny, and one of the country's leading social conservatives is weighing in on the matter.
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Homebuilding slows down in November

After a rush of homebuilding in October, November turned out to be a little muted. Much of that you can blame on Sandy -- the storm definitely seems to have slowed down construction in the Northeast.
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General Motors plans to buy back government shares

General Motors has just announced it is going to buy back 200 million of its shares from the Treasury Department, which plans to sell the rest of its GM shares in the next year or so.
Posted In: General Motors, Auto, cars, U.S. Treasury

Coal could soon be the world's top energy source

The International Energy Agency says coal will overtake oil and become the number one fuel within a decade unless government policies change.
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Greece gets an upgrade but protests continue

Greece's credit rating just got an upgrade by Standard & Poor's. The ratings agency bumped Greece up to a solid B-. And it says that rating is stable -- meaning it won't change in the next several months.
Posted In: Greece, Standard & Poor's, austerity

Dentistry for kids proves a hot career field

Pediatric dentistry is the fastest-growing dental specialty, as rising demand by parents makes it lucrative--and the kids make it fun.
Posted In: dentist, children

Brazil plans massive airport expansion

Brazilian President announces plans to build at least 800 new regional airports.
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Businesses help Newtown residents return to normal

Where do people go to celebrate after the big game? Where do they go for late-night snacks, or a greasy cheeseburger? The same place they go to commiserate together. In Newtown, Connecticut the all-night diner the Blue Colony is one of those places.
Posted In: Newtown, local business

Backlash against Instagram over photo policy

The mobile phone app Instagram rose to fame on its filters. There's the 1970s filter, Nashville and Sierra, which give photos an artistic sheen. Now it might be time to add another one: Rage.
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Overnight delivery loses appeal, hurting FedEx

As companies and customers cut shipping costs by using slower, cheaper rail and truck, FedEx's expensive air-cargo fleet suffers.
Posted In: fedex, shipping

Census survey goes online

Census Bureau to put yearly American Community Survey online to save money, encourage responses.
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