Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Agreement reached on auto rescue plan

Congress and the White House worked together through the night to get a proposal together for a rescue of the auto industry. Steve Chiotakis gives us a quick update with the White House's bottom line.
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Hajj turnout withstands economy

Muslim pilgrims flocked to the annual five-day Hajj in Saudi Arabia this year in record numbers, though the number of American pilgrims dwindled due to the economy. Shopkeepers also did well. Daniel Estrin reports.
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Ford bails out of bailout

The heads of Ford have stepped out of the plan for the auto industry bailout, saying they don't need the money. But why was Ford able to jump ship and not GM or Chrysler? Dan Grech explores a critical company move.
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Infrastructure with a green outlook

President-elect Obama wants part of an economic stimulus package spent on green initiatives. One group is looking at improving man-made infrastructure with the environment in mind. Sarah Gardner reports.

And the rest of the bailout goes to . . .

Today, a congressional panel will review who should get the remainder of the $700 billion bailout. The Treasury Department is focused on banks, but the money could be pitched towards homeowners. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

Rio Tinto to cut over 14,000 jobs

Rio Tinto, the world's second-largest producer of iron ore, will be shedding over 14,000 jobs and selling some mines to help pay off some of its multibillion-dollar debt. Stephen Beard reports.
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Auto loan has strings attached

To get its $15 billion loan, the auto industry has to devise a restructuring deadline and deal with a car czar. Steve Chiotakis talks to Marketplace's Dan Grech about what's being negotiated in the deal.
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Money getting tighter for thinkers

Washington's 340 think tanks are hurting from new lows in funding. This could hit more impartial, non-partisan groups the hardest, while corporate-funded think tanks may get a leg up. Ronni Radbill reports.
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A strategy for the automakers' loans

The proposed $15 billion loan for the auto industry is expected to go to vote today. But what can the money actually accomplish if approved? Scott Jagow asks David Bailey from the Birmingham Business School in England.
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Coffee jacked up on shorter supply

The price of coffee, the world's second-most traded commodity, has been rising due to a projected shortage. But the recession may help coffee fans troubled by steeper cups. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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Three rules for Obama's stimulus plan

Congress and the Obama administration are preparing a new stimulus plan likely to be signed as soon as the new president is sworn in. Commentator Robert Reich has a few suggestions for keeping the money out of corporate welfare.

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