Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, December 1, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Schedule dispute puts Preakness on hold

The Preakness, the second race in the Triple Crown of thoroughbred horse racing, has been put on hold for next year. The tracks that host the races say they can't afford it. Amy Scott reports.
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Communities tackle climate change without politics

While big policymakers in the U.N. consider climate change resolutions at the summit in Cancun, some communities back here in the U.S. are tackling environmental problems on their own. Even if they don't consider it that way. Adriene Hill reports.
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Are deal websites just a passing fad?

The news that Google was looking into buying Internet deal site Groupon for a few billion dollars has brought this online social networking trend into the mainstream light. But will these coupon sites be merely a passing fad?
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Are mini-med plans too limited?

The bare-bones health coverage known as mini-med plans will disappear once health reform kicks in in 2014. In the meantime, Congress will be looking into whether these plans are inadequate. John Dimsdale reports.
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The Fed will release a list of companies that received recession aid

Steve Chiotakis talks to Gregory Warner about the Fed's release of recipients of emergency aid at the height of the recession.

What makes Groupon so enticing to Google?

Jeremy Hobson speaks to Henry Blodget of Business Insider about Google's interest in Groupon.
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Japan wants out of the Kyoto treaty

No one's expecting earth shaking news out of the UN Climate Conference in Cancun. But in other global climate news, a major economic power wants to back out of the world's only legally binding climate change treaty. Eve Troeh has more.
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China cracks down on pirating

For years, U.S. companies have complained the Chinese government looks the other way when vendors pirate American goods. But now, Beijing has unveiled details about a new crackdown on intellectual property theft. Rob Schmitz reports.

The Fed to announce banks that received loans during financial crisis

First it was Wikileaks and the diplomats. Now Wall Street banks will get their day in the sun. The Federal Reserve will release the names of all the institutions that were loaned money during the financial crisis. Gregory Warner explains.
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Economies worsen in Europe

The European Central Bank is taking actions to stop the growing debt crisis in Europe. We've heard about countries like Ireland and Portugal, but could economies be worsening in countries like Belgium and Italy as well? Christopher Werth explains.
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