Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, August 5, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rating agencies under gov't microscope

Reporter Jeremy Hobson talks with Bill Radke about why a Senate committee is saying the government should regulate rating agencies.

What employment data tells us

Bill Stone, chief investment strategist at PNC Wealth Management, talks with Steve Chiotakis about whether the ADP employment data is a good prognosticator for the upcoming unemployment report, and what Procter & Gamble's quarterly profit loss indicates.
Posted In: Jobs

The risks with health care town halls

Members of Congress are heading home for recess, which means the health care debate could be coming to a town hall near you. Or maybe not. Tamara Keith explains.
Posted In: Health

Treasury expected to boost sale of TIPS

Reporter Jeremy Hobson talks with Steve Chiotakis about the announcement the Treasury Department is expected to make about boosting the sale of Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities.
Posted In: Wall Street

What's in the way of U.S. rail transit?

L.A. Times business columnist David Lazarus talks with Bill Radke about what is standing in the way of making rail transit a success in the United States.
Posted In: Travel

SEC may ban flash orders

The Securities and Exchange Commission is considering banning flash orders, a trading practice that gives certain investors an unfair advantage. Reporter Jeremy Hobson talks with Bill Radke about the potential banning.
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Why U.K.'s Lloyds is posting a huge loss

Lloyds Banking is reporting a $12 billion loss for the first half of 2009. The bank is struggling due to a purchase it made earlier in the year. Christopher Werth reports.

New GI Joe movie is AWOL in Hollywood

"GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra" will hit theaters this week, but when it comes to Hollywood, the movie has gone AWOL. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
Posted In: Entertainment

How Toyota can get its groove back

Toyota's new president is in Michigan to talk to industry leaders. With the carmaker reporting losses of more than $800 million, Alisa Roth reports on what it needs to do to get back on track.
Posted In: Auto

Regulations next if you drive and text?

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood will be looking into the possibility of federal regulations to cut down on texting while driving. Jeremy Hobson reports.
Posted In: Crime

Small biz owners face credit crunch

As members of the House head home to gauge the mood of their constituents, one congressman is focusing on small business owners, who face lost credit lines, lower borrowing limits, and trouble even getting loans from some banks. Mitchell Hartman reports.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship

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