Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday August 27, 2014

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In a couple weeks, voters in Scotland will vote on whether they want independence from the United Kingdom. In the waning days of a big referendum, the propaganda battle intensifies on both sides. In an open letter published today, about 130 businesses argue that it would be better for Scotland's economy to stay not go. And there's new data that millennials are just as likely to use credit and debit cards or smart phone payment apps as they are cash when buying stuff in person (think cappucino, think a bottle of advil). Plus, during a health emergency, depending on where you live, the ambulance that arrives could come from local government, a hospital, a private ambulance company, maybe even a volunteer service. And unlike when the police arrive or most fire trucks, you or your insurance will likely get a bill for that ride. We take a closer look into the often misunderstood business of ambulances.    

High inventory and low sales cut gun makers' profits

Sales slow after a 2012 demand surge from gun ethusiasts fearing restrictions.
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A health-care reform specialist helps people select insurance plans at an Affordable Care Act Enrollment Fair at California's Pasadena City College in 2013.

PODCAST: ACA reins in executive pay

A look at market psychology, reining in Executives' pay, and the disappearance of lesbian bars.

Affordable Care Act provision targets some exec pay

A look at a provision in the Affordable Care Act targeting executive compensation.
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Why ambulance service is a tough business

The business of ambulances is a tough balancing game.
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So if millennials aren't using cash, who is?

People living in rural areas, for one. Seniors, too.
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The disappearance of lesbian bars may signal change

As cultural attitudes evolve, so does the role played by Lesbian bars.
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