Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, August 27, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Seeding markets for food, fuel and feed

The rising price of corn has hit many consumers hard, but it's been good news for Monsanto, one of the world's largest providers of corn seed. Kai Ryssdal talks with the company's CEO Hugh Grant in the second of his Corner Office interview.

It's a DVR, but it's probably not TiVo

TiVo may be a household name, but it hasn't posted many profitable quarters. Dan Grech reports what the company is doing to try to better its earnings and why it has such stiff competition with other digital video recorders.
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Brazil-U.S. cotton dispute heats up

The long-running dispute between the U.S. and Brazil over cotton subsidies is coming to a head, and Brazil wants the World Trade Organization to impose $4 billion in sanctions on the U.S. Stephen Beard reports.

The more we fish, the smaller they get

A new study finds that over-fishing actually changes a fish's biology and makes it smaller. Janet Babin looks into depleted fisheries in New England, where shrinking cod are on the brink of economic extinction.

Citigroup refunds for account sweeping

Citigroup is refunding $18 million to customers across the country for taking money from accounts without notification. Renita Jablonski has more on the "account sweeping program" that brought the company penalties.
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China pushes for smaller cars

China's the world's second-largest auto market after the U.S. And like the U.S, China is trying to reduce its thirst for foreign oil by pushing smaller cars. Scott Tong has more.

Many employers making up for gas

A new survey finds that many companies are trying to help employees deal with the cost of gasoline, from having four-day work weeks to offering telecommuting. Nancy Marshall Genzer explores whether this is productive.
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Eating locally not necessarily better

The environmental impact of food production has been a big story over the past year. But commentator Will Wilkinson says making sure you eat local doesn't do as much to improve your carbon foodprint as the way food is produced.
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