Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, August 21, 2013

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Greece's money problems just won't die. An intern's death prompts calls for a cultural change in London's financial district. You can cut your power bill by conserving energy, but unlike your phone or cable bill, you typically can't save by choosing a different plan. Now that's changing as power companies steal from the mobile phone playbook.

Mark Zuckerberg: Internet connectivity is a human right

Facebook's new connectivity mission dovetails nicely with Facebook’s primary business motivation, pursuing growth.
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PODCAST: Big tuition, big grants

Getting to know the sickest patients. Colleges give largest grants to wealthiest students. And high-tech trading goes glitchy.

With choice comes risk: How to pick the electricity plan that's right for you

Power companies are starting to steal from the mobile phone playbook, offering free nights and weekends or pre-paid plans. This can save you money, or it can blow you away with higher bills.
Posted In: electricity, power, utilities

Greece's money problems just won't die

Germany's finance minister says Greece may need another big bailout.
Posted In: Greece, European debt crisis, Europe, bailout, bbc world service

Will Samsung join the smartwatch crowd?

We've heard wearable technology is coming, but it feels a bit surprising that the hot new item is a throwback -- the smartwatch.
Posted In: smartwatch, samsung

Getting to know the sickest patients

Researchers are trying to understand why so-called "super utilizers" keep coming back to the hospital over and over again. Finding answers could cut health costs dramatically.
Posted In: Affordable Care Act, health care

Colleges give largest grants to wealthiest students

More federal grants are going to low-income students, but colleges are giving more institutional aid to students who are better off.
Posted In: higher education, Education, Tuition, college tuition

Intern's death prompts call for culture change in London's financial district

21-year-old Moritz Erhardt, an intern for Bank of America in London, collapsed and died this week after reportedly working extremely long hours to impress his bosses.
Posted In: intern, Bank of America, London

Why the PC is passé for tech companies like Hewlett-Packard

The legacy Silicon Valley company reports quarterly results as it tries to transform itself to fit the new tech landscape.
Posted In: electronics, Hewlett-Packard

Fighting dyslexia with shrinking screens

It turns out that reading on a computer screen -- even a tiny one -- might actually help people with dyslexia improve speed and focus.
Posted In: disability, Tech, screens, reading

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