Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday August 20, 2014

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Uber Delivery Service
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Housing starts are up. What’s driving the encouraging increase? We look at the role of first-time home buyers. Plus, Uber has launched a new home delivery service called Corner Store. Customers can order items from a CVS or Walgreens and have them delivered right to their doorstep. Other companies have launched their own delivery services of late, including Google. Will this latest venture from Uber succeed in a growing market, and with its built in fleet of drivers, does it have the advantage? 

PODCAST: Macy's settles profiling charge

Plus: pubs are disappearing and amid international crises stocks are rising.

Macy's settles up in profiling case

The department store will pay $650,000 and pledges to change its practices.
Posted In: profiling, Retail, Macy's, race

Who created that app? A teacher

Teachers are big creators of digital learning tools.
Posted In: Education, education technology, educational technology, teachers

British pubs: popular but disappearing

Britain's famous warm hostelries are giving way to supermarkets and other stores.
Posted In: pubs, urban planning, beer

China levies record antitrust fines on foreign firms

China levies $200 million of fines on Japanese auto parts makers.
Posted In: auto parts, price fixing, China

Uber launches home delivery service

Will Uber's latest venture succeed in this growing market?
Posted In: Uber, delivery services, CVS

More housing starts don't mean more first-time buyers

What’s driving the increase in housing start? Not first-time home buyers.
Posted In: Housing, housing starts, first-time home buyer

Quiz: Support for the Common Core not as common

Teachers turn against the controversial program.
Posted In: common core, Education, Curveball

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