Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Market shock: Why the roller coaster ride?

Josh Brown, a financial adviser at Fusion Analytics, says despite months of poor economic reports, Wall Street hasn't declared another recession, and 'they never will until we're about halfway through' it.
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Long term ramifications of market volatility

Richard Dekaser, economist with the Parthenon Group, says people are concerned about the rising probability of a recession, and perhaps more importantly, that the government's economic policy 'looks a bit rudderless'
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Explainer: What did the Federal Reserve promise?

The central bank says it will 'keep interest rates at nearly zero until 2013.' But some wonder if we can take that promise 'to the bank.'
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Russians demand a better debt rating

With more than $500 billion in currency reserves and a budget surplus, Russia is upset with its BBB rating, which puts the country just behind Ireland, Cyprus and the Bahamas
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Gold prices spike

Uncertainty in the economy is forcing the price of gold up. The Federal Reserve's pledge to keep interest rates near zero and investor distrust of hard currencies are also to blame.
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Dr. Phil says Americans need to 'get real' about the economy

Economists say one of their big concerns in consumer confidence. But how do you build confidence? The TV psychologist says he thinks Americans need to focus on the important things in life.
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Fed announcement implies economic slow growth until 2013

Interest rates for banks that borrow from the Fed will remain near zero percent for the next two years. But keeping rates that low for that long is unprecedented and making such a bold statement carries risk.
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Zeal for tech IPOs has cooled

Back in June, everything was looking up for Silicon Valley investors. Now, the shaky markets are making it difficult to invest confidently in new ideas.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship

Lower oil prices mean cheaper gas

One silver lining of this week's bad financial news could stick around through the end of the year
Posted In: Oil

Productivity continues to drop

And with the economy slowing down, it could lead to another round of downsizing
Posted In: Jobs

Plan would turn foreclosures into rentals

The Federal Housing Administration today will ask the public for ideas to help clear out the nation's stock of foreclosed homes. One idea gaining steam is to get foreclosed properties off the market by renting them out.
Posted In: Housing

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