Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday April 9, 2014

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Seniors Learn About Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage
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On Wednesday, the government will release data on what Medicare paid doctors in 2012. Reformers love this idea – hoping it will help make consumers smarter when it comes to getting care. But the American Medical Association says doctors who treat the sickest patients might end up looking bad when compared to their peers. We examine the promise and peril of big data in healthcare. Also on Wednesday, hearings are ecxpected to take place about the proposed Time Warner/Comcast merger. One set of issues likely to take center stage is how this proposed merger might impact the market for broadband and internet service. 

PODCAST: Medicare's pay-data dump

We look at what the proposed Time-Warner Cable and Comcast merger will mean for internet users. And a challenger appears in the single-serve coffeemaker market.
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When England walked away from coal

Thirty years ago, the Thatcher government closed most coal mines.
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Comcast CEO Brian L. Roberts

In focus: A merged Comcast-Time Warner

Hearings scheduled for the proposed Time Warner- Comcast merger.
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Medicare In Spotlight

The dangers of Big Data in health care

Some providers accounted for a large portion of Medicare costs in 2012
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Nespresso coffee pods

Single-serve coffeemaker market heats up

Keurig is king in the U.S. but Nestle Nespresso wants a bigger piece.
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These are the highest paid doctors in Medicare

Doctors who make the most in Medicare, by state and specialty
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