Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday April 30, 2014

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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Press Conference
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Donald Sterling is worth a reported $1.9 billion. A chunk of that wealth is in the form of the LA Clippers (worth an estimated $430 million), but what about his other holdings? And: Starting late next year, AT&T will offer a better, faster Wi-Fi service on continental flights. A look at the competition between AT&T and other telecoms, as the rules for in-flight digital usage are relaxed, and the FCC frees up more wireless spectrum.

PODCAST: Winter came for the GDP

Spending on goods was down, but for services, consumer spending was up.
Posted In: GDP

Walmart wants to sell you auto insurance

Walmart has a new service to compare premiums and get auto insurance.
Posted In: Walmart, auto insurance, car insurance

A computer program to write your essays

A writing professor shows robo-graders love fancy words more than good ideas.
Posted In: essays, college exams

The person managing your future, revealed

Like it or not, more and more Americans have their futures tied to Wall Street.
Posted In: investment, Retirement, 401k
Donald Sterling

Sizing up Donald Sterling's other business interests

Donald Sterling's said to be worth almost $2 billion,most in real estate holdings.
Posted In: Donald Sterling, NBA, Clippers

AT&T jumps on board with airplane Wi-Fi

Until this week, the in-flight internet business was dominated by Gogo.
Posted In: wi-fi, airplane travel

Are we moving away from "too big to jail"?

Two big banks are reportedly about to face criminal charges.
Posted In: Credit Suisse, BNP Paribas

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