Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, April 29, 2009

GDP number a matter of timing

Steve Chiotakis talks to Bill Stone, Chief Investment Strategist at PNC Wealth Management, who takes a deeper look at what's behind the GDP number and consumer spending.
Posted In: Wall Street

A silver lining to GDP contraction

The government reported a 6.1 percent contraction in last quarter's Gross Domestic Product. But Diane Swonk of Mesirow Financial tells Bill Radke why we can expect stronger growth in the second quarter as a result of the GDP number.
Posted In: Investing

Businesses prepare for swine flu

As people ask what they can do to stay vigilant against the potential swine flu pandemic, the office has become a major area of concern. Jennifer Collins tells us how businesses are responding to the outbreak.
Posted In: Health, Jobs

Obama wanted more bailout in budget

President Obama's budget is sitting before Congress and could pass sometime today. He got what he wanted in most ways, but missed getting more future bailout funds for banks. Steve Chiotakis talks to Marketplace's Steve Henn.

Shell still forging ahead with production

Royal Dutch Shell says profits fell 58 percent in the first quarter from the same time last year. But oil analysts say the company has come in ahead of consensus and future production is looking good. Christopher Werth reports.
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B of A shareholders want Lewis out

Bank of America shareholders meet today in Charlotte, N.C., and this year, angry shareholders are mobilizing to remove three members of the bank's board, including CEO Ken Lewis. Julie Rose reports.
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Sales are down, but BMW is still OK

Even though its global sales fell in the first quarter, BMW still says comparatively, it's actually doing fine. The company accredits its strategy to early attention to fuel efficiency and climate change. Stephen Beard reports.
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Can the GOP reshape its identity?

The Republican Party has been criticized for falling out of step with its voters. So faced with a future where it needs to realign with the public, how will the GOP decide to move forward? John Dimsdale reports.

Citi asking Treasury for bonus power

Citibank is asking the Treasury Department for permission to pay out retention bonuses to certain employees. The bank is worried that if it doesn't, some of its most profitable businesses could fall apart. Steve Henn reports.
Posted In: Investing, Jobs

Health holds priority over economy

Many are concerned about the effects a swine flu pandemic could have on an already ailing U.S. economy. But commentator Robert Reich says the real worry is that lots of people could get sick and many could die.
Posted In: Health

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