Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, April 2, 2014

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Among the biggest donors to food banks and other social-service agencies are corporations including Walmart and Kroger’s- a sometimes awkward partnership, since of the people served by these agencies are employees of these stores. Later, we talk to Allan Sloan about a tax-avoidance deal that is making it possible for some companies to save hundreds of millions of dollars, legally.

Part III: Hungry for savings

Walmart donates billions to anti-hunger initiatives. Some of those efforts benefit its own employees.
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PODCAST: Private sector warms up

Microsoft is expected to announce a digital personal assistant akin to Apple's Siri. And Alan Sloan from Fortune Magazine talks tax code.
Posted In: private sector jobs, Microsoft, Cortana, Taxes

Tax-avoidance deal saves millions

A tax-avoidance deal may save companies hundreds of millions of dollars
Posted In: IRS, Taxes
Death Toll Continues To Mount After Massive Washington Mudslide

Are homes in a mudslide covered by insurance?

Coverage for hazards like mudslide can cost an extra $1,000 per year.
Posted In: mudslide insurance
Microsoft's Executive Officer Steve Ball

Microsoft's Siri: What took so long?

Microsoft unveils its version of a Siri device.
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