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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The stock market isn't the only thing ailing Europe today:  the market for carbon credits. Prices have tanked for allowances to spew carbon. There's a tsunami warning in effect across the Indian Ocean. Will today's earthquake impact the countries there as harshly as past disasters? And Terry Branstad, the Republican governor of Iowa, weighs in on the "lean finely-textured beef" vs. "pink slime" debate.

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U.S. Postal Service letter carrier Juan Padilla puts letters into a mailbox as he walks his delivery route on Dec. 5, 2011 in San Francisco, Calif. The National Association of Letter Carriers is planning nationwide demonstrations Thursday outside U.S. Senate offices. They are protesting "flawed" legislation they say would hurt the postal service even more than it's already been damaged by cost-cutting.
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A woman looks at books about cannabis cultivation during the ExpoCannabis fair in Leganes, near Madrid. One small Spanish village is now debating growing marijuana to help reduce its debt.
0411 flood
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An excavator works in a open-cast lignite mine in Belchatow, near Lodz central Poland. At an energy conference today, European Union members will be talking about how to shore up carbon markets as prices for carbon allowances fall.
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Protesters wave union's flags as they march past the headquarters of the Spanish bank BBVA. Recession-hit Spaniards staged a 24-hour general strike and took to the streets in anger over labor reforms, austerity cuts and soaring unemployment. Now, could the situation there be improving slightly?
A young student looks closely at a math exam during a summer school in Chicago. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has plans to lengthen the school day in city schools to catch up to the schedule of other cities.
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