Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kodak strapped for cash, company's future uncertain

Eastman Kodak's stock has plummeted this week, and the company went to its bankers for $160 million. Problem is, investors didn't realize the situation was so dire.
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Freddie Mac's need for money blamed on disappointing BofA settlement

The Federal Housing Finance Agency's inspector general is out today criticizing Freddie Mac's decision to go easy on Bank of America in a previous settlement.
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Manufacturing, not housing, will help us out of financial slump

Housing market numbers continue to be low, and many economists are starting to believe that it will be manufacturing and exports, not the housing market, that will lead us to recovery -- however slowly.
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Federal government to dial down mortgage guarantees

On Saturday, the Federal government will lower the mortgage price that it will back by $100,000 in an effort to wean Americans off government involvement in the housing market. Who will be hardest hit?
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Papandreou appeals to reluctant Germans for help with Greek debt

Prime Minister George Papandreou of Greece assured an audience in Germany this morning that his country is on its way to recovery -- but that they still need help from their neighbors.

Is Angela Merkel up to the task of saving Europe?

As the European debt crisis continues, the pressure is falling squarely on the shoulders of Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is caught between her duty to the eurozone and her people.

Greek prime minister in Germany to garner support for bailout

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou visits Germany today, in an effort to convince Chancellor Angela Merkel -- and the German people -- that Greece deserves another chance.

Report: Freddie Mac deserved larger settlement from Bank of America

The Federal Housing Finance Agency will release a report today saying Freddie Mac should have gotten more out of the Bank of America than a $1.3 billion settlement.
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Eurozone bailout may be within reach, but Germans still outraged

Yesterday's plan to solve the euro debt crisis has furthered outraged German citizens who don't want to foot the bill -- putting Chancellor Angela Merkel in a tight spot.

Is the Federal Reserve losing its influence?

Has the Fed changed since Alan Greenspan's reign, or are there just more problems now?
Posted In: The Federal Reserve

After GM, UAW begins talks with Ford

The UAW is likely to press for bigger wage increases at Ford, the only Detroit carmaker that didn't declare bankruptcy during the financial crisis.
Posted In: Auto

New York subway to launch wireless coverage

In a pilot program that could transform the daily commute, New York City removes the last refuge from round-the-clock connectivity: the subway.

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