Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday September 2, 2014

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First up, a German court has imposed a temporary ban on the car-sharing service Uber. The company, which has been valued at $17 billion dollars, has been expanding; setting up shop in cities around the world. As that's happened, Uber's faced criticism, especially from taxi drivers. That's led to strikes in some markets, and legal action in others. Plus, just a few months after he lost his primary in Virginia's seventh congressional district, Eric Cantor, the former House Majority Leader has a new job. Cantor will become Vice Chairman and Managing Director at Moelis and Company, an investment bank. And all this week, Marketplace Tech is looking at how technology is changing how we read. Marketplace Tech host Ben Johnson joins us to talk about it.  

Eric Cantor gets a new job...on Wall Street

The former house majority leader heads to boutique investment bank Moelis and Co.
Posted In: Eric Cantor, Wall Street

PODCAST: Facebook targets India

Economic growth for the fall, Eric Cantor's new gig, and Facebook's ads in India.

The benefits of developing an Ebola vaccine

While the market for an Ebola vaccine is small, the payoff of production is big.
Posted In: Ebola, vaccine, Health, Africa

How Facebook helps advertisers target ads in India

Facebook is giving advertisers cell reception data to serve ads more efficiently.
Posted In: Facebook, India, ads

Has the rise of the e-reader changed how we read?

How e-readers are both helping and hurting our ability to read and comprehend.
Posted In: e-readers

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