Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, October 28, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Italy targets education to shrink debt

Italy wants to shrink its national debt by cutting education, which would mean 15 percent of teachers' jobs and $10 billion a year sliced from schools. Megan Williams reports the idea isn't sitting well with everyone.

D.C. has big donation void to fill

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may not be viewed too favorably for their roles in the current credit crisis, but they were big contributors to local charities. Rachel Dornhelm looks into the loss for D.C. nonprofits.
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Layoffs bad news for apartment rentals

Unemployment reports are daunting to building owners, as job losses mean fewer rentals. Renita Jablonski explores the correlation between joblessness and a growing number of apartment vacancies.
Posted In: Housing

Outlook for solar cells is sunny

Renewable energy has a tough battle these days against cheaper oil and difficult credit, but a solar-cell plant in Oregon is still pushing its product down the line. Mitchell Hartman looks closer into the solar industry.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship, Science

A hush is building in New York City

New York City is normally an epicenter for construction and real estate, but developers are having a hard time filling up spaces lately. Sally Herships reports why the city's streets are quieter than usual right now.
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Strong rally in municipal bond market

States are cities are selling off about $6 billion worth of debt this week, and investors are actually buying. Jeremy Hobson looks into why the municipal bond market recently saw its strongest rally ever.

Government lends a hand to autos

The government is talking with GM and Chrysler about giving the auto companies some help, but not a bailout. Scott Jagow talks to Nancy Marshall Genzer in Washington about what separates this move from a bailout.
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