Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, October 21, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Government favors bank takeovers

Half of the $250 billion rescue package has already been invested into banks, and there are reports the other half will be used to help banks buy their weaker rivals. Dan Grech looks into the move.

Financial aid hard to get for some

Twenty-eight-year-old Cinthya Guillen is going to college to be a high school teacher, but the crisis has made it a struggle for her to afford books. We talk to her as part of our Interested Parties series.

French banks will pay for the money

France announced it's making billions of euros available to its major banks. The government wants the money to go towards credit for businesses and consumers. But Megan Williams reports the cash comes with conditions.

Too many federal and state regulations?

The House is holding a hearing today on new banking regulations, like rules for how much of a cash cushion institutions need to protect against losses. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports where there are disparaging ideas.
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Ideas to juice our public schools

With a weak economy and huge deficits, what do education advocates expect from the next president? For our Interested Parties series, Steve Henn looked into what Washington, D.C. has been doing to improve its public schools.
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Coming up on a credit default deadline

It's the deadline for sellers of so-called credit default swaps to settle up. Analysts say some of those sellers could have a hard time coming up with the cash. Amy Scott looks deeper into what that means.

IMF set for Icelandic bailout

Iceland's set to become the first developed country in more than 30 years to be bailed out by the International Monetary Fund. Stephen Beard reports why a move from the IMF may be viewed as less desirable.

Americans just don't like dollar coins

The U.S. Mint's new ad campaign for dollar coins depicts the Statue of Liberty leaving her post to buy a hot dog. Will it work? Jeremy Hobson reports despite the marketing, Americans just like paper money better.

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