Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mixed feelings surround decisions in Europe

European inspectors say Greece will be able to receive the next round of bailout funds in November, and a vote is expected today from Slovakia on an extension of bailout funds in the eurozone.

Video game maker to team up with lab to create supercomputer

The advanced chips that make new supercomputers possible are subsidized by the video game industry.

Does foreign investment really create jobs?

The Obama administration has plans to create jobs in the U.S. by cutting taxes and encouraging foreign investment. Some measures might help in the short run, while others should have more long term results.
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Slovakia's vote will decide fate of European bailout fund

A vote today in Slovakia will have big consequences for Europe and the rest of the world.

Wall Street could lose 10,000 jobs in the coming year

The New York state comptroller is predicting that the financial world of New York could lose as many as 10,000 securities industry jobs by the end of 2012.
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News of NBA lockout hits China

The first two weeks of the NBA season have been cancelled as negotiations between players and owners hit a standstill -- which has effects far outside of the U.S.
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More foreign investment wanted

President Obama wants to drum up more foreign investment. But what does the U.S. have to offer?
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The spillover effects of foreclosures

Studies reveal that multiple foreclosures in neighborhoods can cause increases in crime and health care costs.
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Congress could cut back on heating assistance to the poor

Cutting $1 billion from the heating program would leave two million households without aid.

Europe awaits Slovakia's decision on bailout fund

A vote in Slovakia today could mean an expansion of the size of the euro bailout fund.

Juli Niemann: Corporations doing well, but it's not trickling down

Juli Niemann, analyst at Smith, Moore and Company, explains why good corporate earnings news might not help the rest of us.
Posted In: Economy

Mid-day Extra: Wall Street looks to psychics

Psychics in New York City have noticed more and more of their clients are showing up in suits and asking questions about the stock market.
Posted In: Wall Street, psychics

In tough venture capital market, quality over quantity matters

Venture capitalists had their worst quarter since 2003. What does this mean for companies looking to start up in the coming years?
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