Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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Congress failed to reach an agreement over a spending bill Monday night. That means a government shutdown has been put into effect. We have the latest from Washington D.C. The new Affordable Care Act health exchanges go live Tuesday morning and the success of the law relies heavily on young, healthy people to sign up. We hear from one of those young people at a bakery in Philadelphia. And Spain is hoping a little time travel will help its economic woes, but will it work? 

PODCAST: Government shutdown is bad right? So how are politicians capitalizing on it?

Government shutdown has investors worried. But turns out, it's a great time for politicians to raise some cash. And Japan will be raising its national sales tax by 3 percent.

Government shutdown causes problems online too

The shutdown is causing many federal agencies -- and their websites -- to close down.
Posted In: Tech, government shutdown, Congress

Twitter hopes to learn from Facebook's IPO mistakes

How will Twitter monetize its user base?
Posted In: Twitter, Facebook, IPO

Market reaction to shutdown is muted today, but won't stay that way for long

But failure by Congress to raise the debt ceiling would get a much stronger reaction than we're seeing this morning.
Posted In: government shutdown, debt ceiling, market reaction

It may be smart to wait a while before you sign up for the new health care plan

The new Affordable Care Act health exchanges go live Tuesday morning, but will the website function properly?
Posted In: health care, ACA, Affordable Care Act, health exchanges, Obamacare, glitches

Spain wants to move back an hour to help pull its economy out of recession

Spain is hoping a little time travel will help its economic woes, but will it work?
Posted In: spain, Daylight Savings Time, Central European Time, recession, Eurozone

Japan will increase its national sales tax by 3 percent

Japan is hiking its national sales tax, from 5 percent all the way to 8 percent.
Posted In: Japan, Shinzo Abe, sales tax, debt

While you slept, the government stopped

Congress did not strike a deal last night on a spending bill, which means a government shutdown is now in effect.
Posted In: government shutdown, spending bill, Senate, House Republicans, ACA, health care law, Obamacare

Health exchanges go live, but will the young and healthy sign up?

The success of the new health care law relies heavily on its ability to attract young, healthy people -- something that may be a tough sell.
Posted In: health care, ACA, health exchanges, Obamacare, young people

Forget high stakes testing, what about high stakes attendance?

Schools in about a dozen states do their annual census of students. At stake is government funding.
Posted In: Education, technology, incentives, government funding

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