Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, November 26, 2013

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South Carolina is trying to win a bigger share of Boeing's aircraft building operations. The state will sell $85 million in bonds in part to pay for land for the aerospace giant. South Carolina wants to get in  the business of building the new 777X -- but it has to take it from Seattle first. If Scotland were to pull away from the United Kingdom, what would its society look like? What would its economy look like? The Scottish National Party today issued a kind of mission statement to start answering those questions. In 10 months time, voters in Scotland will be asked, yes or no: "Should Scotland be an independent country?" And, would you lend your car to a stranger? A new company is betting that just as people increasingly rent their houses on Airbnb, they may also be willing to hand over their car keys. 

PODCAST: 23andMe might not be all it says it's cracked up to be

The FDA has ordered 23andMe to stop selling DNA test kits. What is Katie Couric thinking leaving ABC for Yahoo? And, in Indonesia, authorities are getting ready to introduce the world's biggest universal health care program.

Qualcomm in China's antitrust crosshairs

Authorities in China have opened up an antitrust inquiry against wireless company Qualcomm.
Posted In: Qualcomm, China, antitrust

Voice recognition software's bilingual problem

Voice recognition software is more and more common on our devices, but if you're speaking with an accent or in two languages at once, you might be in trouble.
Posted In: voice recognition, siri

London Gold Fix under scrutiny

Since 1919, bankers have come together every day to determine the price of gold around the world. But now the process -- the London Gold Fix – is under scrutiny by British regulators.
Posted In: gold, London

Indonesia tries its hand at universal health care

As the Obama administration continues its erratic roll out of health care reform, halfway around the world in Indonesia, authorities are getting ready to introduce the world's biggest universal health care program.
Posted In: Indonesia, health care

FDA orders 23andMe to stop selling DNA test kits

The problem with mail-order DNA tests.
Posted In: 23andMe, FDA, dna

Gary Vaynerchuk, the social media guru who gives

Want to get more out of your social media followers? Social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk says you have to give something to them first.
Posted In: social media

Take down the Union Jack? Scotland to vote on independence

Next year, Scottish voters will get to decide if they want to remain a part of the United Kingdom. What economic challenges would an independent Scotland face?
Posted In: Scotland, United Kingdom (U.K.)

What is Katie Couric thinking?

What digital future do old-media stars see?
Posted In: katie couric, David Pogue, new media

Instead of airport parking, some fliers now rent out their cars

A new company headed by 19-year-olds wants to be the Airbnb of cars.
Posted In: airbnb, rental car, startups

Boeing's 15 options for building the 777X

After workers at Boeing's Seattle facility voted down the company's proposed contract, its CEO courts other states.
Posted In: Boeing, 777X, Labor Unions

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