Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Despite a bad rep, BP may still come out on top

BP obviously won't be a 'good guy' for some time to come. But that doesn't mean that it still can't rake in some money, and people should generally be happy about that. Eve Troeh reports why.
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Video games head to the Supreme Court

Video games have come a long way since Atari and Super Mario -- and sometimes, that means quite a load of visual violence. Senator Leland Yee of Calif. thinks it may be too much and wants to impose limits on selling such games to children. The Supreme Court hears the case today.
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If the government is selling GM stock, who's buying?

The federal government is offloading a big chunk of its ownership in General Motors to help pay off the massive bailouts. Scott Tong has more.
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What will the election mean in creating more jobs?

You've heard all about the politics of the midterm. What will today's vote mean for attempts to create more jobs?
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How will GM's public offer affect tax payers

Within the next day or two, General Motors will finalize its plans for an Initial Public Offering. The Detroit automaker's IPO could raise billions of dollars and allow GM to partially repay taxpayers for the bailout it got from Uncle Sam.
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General Motors plans to sell shares to private investors

General Motors is expected to file final papers for an Initial Public Offering, selling shares to private investors would change Uncle Sam from a majority owner into a minority owner. Scott Tong has more.
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GM's initial public offering expected to reach $10 billion

The sale of General Motors stock is expected to raise about $10 billion in an initial public offering. This will reduce the U.S. government's majority ownership stake in the automaker to a minority position.
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Britain and France to share military costs

Despite a torrid history, Britain and France agree to sign a treaty to share their military costs.

Three months after Gulf spill, BP is back in the black

Just three months after capping the well, BP is looking like it'll make a profit, despite the $40 billion they've set aside to pay for the disaster. Stephen Beard has more.
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Federal Reserve will buy $600 billion in long-term government bonds

The Federal Reserve announced its plan to buy $600 billion in long-term government bonds. Chairman Ben Bernanke on Thursday dismissed concerns from critics who say the strategy is too risky.
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GM to announce details of its plan to go public

General Motors will go public to help payback government bailout money. But what does this mean for the company? Scott Tong has more.
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Medicinal food goes to pot

Californians will vote on a ballot initiative that would legalize all marijuana use, which could open up new business opportunities. The Golden State currently allows marijuana for medical use. Rico Gagliano talks with one woman who's carved a special place for herself in the weed economy.
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Effects of NASA's shuttle program ending

After 30 years, NASA's Shuttle program will end. Bloomberg Businessweek's Paul Barrett wrote a story about the ending of the program and talks with Jeremy Hobson about the impact this will have on Florida and America's competitiveness.
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