Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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On this Tuesday morning, news is breaking out of New York that that Occupy Wall Street protesters are being evicted from Zuccotti Park, the founding location of the Occupy movement. And we've heard of technocrats in Italy, but it looks like Flint, Mich. could also be going down that path.

Defense sector braces for Pentagon cuts

With the super committee looking less and less likely to succeed, defense contractors are planning for the worst: automatic cuts.
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Australia enacts greenhouse gases tax

Australia's parliament recently approved a law for taxing greenhouse gas emissions.
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Michigan city gets a technocrat

Like Italy and Greece, the city of Flint, Mich., is getting a technocrat who will take over the city’s dire finances.
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On the scene as Occupy Wall Street is evicted

Occupy Wall Street set up its protest near New York's financial district on September 17. Estimates have been that 200 people have been living there. Now, New York police have raided the park and report they have arrested 70 people.
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Police tear down Occupy Wall Street camp

Occupy Wall Street protesters were evicted from Zuccotti Park this morning, and police began to tear down tents and dispose of belongings.
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Europe plans new rules for ratings agencies

The big credit ratings agencies -- S&P, Moody's -- faced enormous criticism in the United States for their role in the housing crisis. In Europe, many countries now say those same firms are feeding the debt crisis. So European regulators are pushing back.
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Iraq Stock Exchange tries to diversify from oil

Iraq's stock market -- like the rest of the country -- prepares for life in 2012, after U.S. forces withdraw from the country.
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Zuccotti Park emptied, protesters spread elsewhere

In the early hours of the morning, New York City police evacuated Occupy protests from their home in Zuccotti Park, but they say that won't stop them from going on.
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Juli Niemann: Retail sales get a boost as Black Friday awaits

The Commerce Department announced retail sales jumped half a percent last month.
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PODCAST: Re-Occupying Wall Street

Here are the top headlines from the Marketplace Morning Report: Occupy Wall Street protesters get evicted, they go to court. And the NBA gets closer to missing a full season.
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Occupy Wall Street goes to court

Occupy Wall Street protesters ask a judge to overrule New York's ban on tents in Zuccotti Park.
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Congress looks into Fannie Mae pay

Two hearings on Capitol Hill are looking into Fannie Mae and government-backed mortgage loans. The House Financial Services Committee voted to rein in some of the million-dollar salaries for Fannie Mae executives.
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Retail analysts say consumers are dipping into savings

NPD Group analyst Marshall Cohen says if debt deal isn't reached, consumers could pull back because of "distractions." But consumers will shop early -- and online.
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Occupy protesters say morning was 'cat and mouse'

Occupy Wall Street protester David Scorca believes the police action will help energize the movement, not end it.
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Mid-day Extra: NBA labor dispute breaks down because of "tiny things"

ESPN TrueHoop blogger Henry Abbott says the NBA discussions are like political talks that are influenced by hardliners. And notes that sports reporters are feeling more like court reporters in this drama.
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